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Frequently Asked Questions

People have many questions about Vehicle Transport and Moving Cars. We have listed some of the more frequently asked ones below.

If you have a question about vehicle transportation or moving your car that isn’t listed below, just use this handy online form to Contact Us or phone 1800 270 4007.

How long will it take to transport my vehicle?
Transport times can vary depending on distances, specific transport legs, any special requirements you may have and sometimes events that are outside of our control.

Our standard transit days are available when you request a quote. You can also discuss these with a Pragati Car Carriers Customer Relations Officer by calling 1800 270 4007.

Do I need to be present during pickup and delivery of the vehicle?


During pick and delivery, a vehicle inspection is carried out and signed and the keys handed over to our driver.

Do you transport non-running or damaged vehicles?

No. We do not transport non-running or damaged vehicles.

If you have any transport-related questions about your specific vehicle, please call one of our Customer Relations Officers on 1800 270 4007 to discuss further.

Why is Pragati Car Carriers the best choice in car movers?

Pragati Car Carriers is India’s largest full-service vehicle transportation provider. Our team is highly experienced in the safe and timely delivery of all types of vehicles and because, through Pragati Car Carriers, you get access to a national transport network offering the most cost effective service no matter what the destination.

Can I leave personal belongings in my vehicle during transport?
No, personal items cannot be left in the vehicle due to safety and warranty reasons.

We seeks to be a responsible member of the community and as such places great importance on:

  1. Regulatory responsibilities
    Pragati Car Carriers’s trailers are planned and loaded according to the weight and dimensions of the vehicles being transported as required by the relevant State and Federal Guidelines.
  2. OH&S
    Pragati Car Carriers seeks to provide a safe workplace for its employees and goods coming loose from vehicles can possibly result in injury or damage.
  3. Community Responsibility
    Pragati Car Carriers endeavours at all times to be a responsible member of the community and whilst using our national roadways we operate to minimise risk of injury or damage to other road users – goods coming loose from vehicles can result in injury and damage.
  4. Quarantine
    All vehicles travelling into WA and Tasmania are subject to quarantine inspection. Any goods left in a vehicle are subject to inspection causing possible delays and additional charge to our customers.
What warranties do you provide?

As a part of our service offering to you, included in our Vehicle Service Conditions is our warranty that your vehicle will be delivered to you in the same condition as it was accepted by us – subject to the conditions in Clause 9. Please ensure that you read and are familiar with our Vehicle Service Conditions.

How do we agree on the condition of my vehicle at collection?

As part of your contract with Pragati Car Carriers, you will be asked to sign the Transport Contract and Vehicle Condition Report. A Pragati Car Carriers representative will survey your vehicle and note its condition on a vehicle diagram on the contract. You will then be asked to review and sign the contract agreeing to the condition of your vehicle as noted and that you have read and understand our Vehicle Service Conditions.

I'd like to pick up my car. Where can I pick it up from?

All of our Branch Address can be viewed online

Does Pragati Car Carriers also move furniture?

No. Our core business and expertise is vehicle transportation

Can I have my vehicle transported in an enclosed car carrier?
Your vehicle can be transported in an enclosed carrier and we can arrange this specifically to suit your requirements. Your Pragati Car Carriers Customer Relations Officer will be happy to discuss this with you at any time.

You can call on 1800 270 4007.

Who actually moves my vehicle?
We do.

Unlike online brokers who’ll outsource to other companies, your vehicles are transported directly by our people – who are among the most experienced in the car moving industry.

We have our own fleet of equipment and are also part of the largest national vehicle transport network in India.

This means, with Pragati Car Carriers, you can be confident that you are dealing directly with the company that is moving your vehicle.

How Safe & Secure will be my vehicle?
The quality of our experienced team is your vehicle’s greatest protection.

All vehicles travel under Pragati Car Carriers Vehicle Service Conditions which includes our Warranty.

You can view our Vehicle Service Conditions online or request a copy by phoning 1800 270 4007.

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