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Car Transport Services

Vehicle Transportation

Whether you’re considering car transport as part of your own relocation or just want to move a car from one state to another, you want to be sure of one thing…

Car transport should be as easy as posting a letter.

At Pragati Car Carriers, we move cars to and from virtually any location in India and we do this so frequently that it is as safe and reliable as a national postal service.

We offer India-wide service, and your car will be transported safely and securely by the most recognised car carrier with the most extensive network and service options.

Motorcycle Transport

We invest millions of dollars in our equipment and procedures to provide you with the highest safety standards in our operations.

Branches in all major cities and regional centres throughout India are connected via our computerised vehicle tracking system.

Our own fleet of metropolitan and interstate linehaul transporters, together with national rail services and coastal shipping ensures that door-to-door, depot-to-depot shipments or any combination of the two are handled efficiently.

Car transport safety and peace of mind

As India’s leading Motorcycle transport company, our car handling heritage extends to all major Motorcycle manufacturers, relocation specialists and Motorcycle auction houses. There is a rate and service that suits your circumstances.

With a priority on car safety, excellence in customer service and, during pick-up and delivery and the professionalism you expect from a national car carrier, Pragati Car Carriers is regarded as the leading Motorcycle transport company in India.

Door Pick up Service

We have trained our staff to pick-up your valuable car from your house. Note: You can also drop your car to our loading point if you like to do so.

We need to pick up your car from your house

because big car carrier vehicles are not allowed inside cities. All cities have No Entry for big car carrier vehicles. Hence, we provide Door Pick-Up Car Transportation Services in Pune and all other cities across India.

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